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Full Spectrum RSO 

Dosage: 700mg THC

Activation Time: 15 minutes - 1 hour 


Premium Cannabis Oil. 

Glass syringe engineered for perfection. 

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is an unrefined, potent oil extraction stimulating euphoria with gentle relief from body aches and pains. The beginning dose should be the size of a half a grain of rice. After the first week, the measured dose should be doubled every four days. It will take approximately three to five weeks before the dosage reaches a full gram of RSO in a day.  

Consumers report this RSO to be good for appetite stimulation and providing relief from depression, stress, body tension and indicators that cannabis could be a powerful tool in combating cancer and the detrimental side effects of its treatment. 

RSO is typically applied in the following ways:

As a topical rubbed onto the surface of the skinAs a sublingual (under the tongue) for the fastest absorption rateAs a capsule taken orally for slowest-acting effects that last longerAs an additive to your favorite snack or beverage for effects that last longer

Availability: Michigan

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